A bug-free property is a phone call away

A bug-free property is a phone call away

Stop spending your money on ineffective pest control methods and hire Guardian Pest Elimination to exterminate your infestation. We know each property is different. That’s why we offer customized pest control services that won’t break the bank.

Schedule a free inspection with Guardian Pest Elimination at once. You can also count on us for rodent control, mosquito control and restaurant pest control services in the Tyler, TX area.

Control the Pests Infiltrating Your Tyler, TX Property

Choose Guardian for affordable pest control services

Spiders have taken over your porch. Roaches have infested your kitchen. Ants are ransacking your backyard. Don’t give your property to insects without a fight. Call Guardian Pest Elimination for dependable pest control services.
Our exterminator draws on over 30 years of experience to exterminate:

Carpenter ants
Fire ants
Pill bugs

Trust Guardian Pest Elimination when you’re tired of dealing with bugs taking over your Tyler, TX home or office. Call our exterminator now for a free estimate.